AA - Artist Advisory

Our ambitious project is to allow beauty, expressed through art, to reach people.

We help artists (regardless of their age) to independently publish their literaly, musical and theatrical works

What we do practically: we look for funds to promote the project, we build an effective marketing and communication plan for them, we technically realize what they have created (book or CD or DVD: recording, recording, printing, editing, translation, promotional material, graphic, etc …), we take care of the bureaucratic and administrative aspects (copyright, registrations with SIAE, Patamù, ISBN, EAN, etc …), we support them in the management and the choice of best sales/delivery channels, we take care of communication through different means (WEB sites, social media, campaigns, etc …).

WE ARE NOT AGENTS! We will not look for a publisher or a producer for artists, but we support the artist who has decided to self-publish and promote himself in activities that do not pertain to his artistic skills.


Artists can present the project by contacting us directly (see contact page) or by filling out this form.

They will be contacted by our consultant for further information in order to better define the specific needs of the artist. At that point we will be able to make consulting and service proposals and related costs.

The costs of our quotes are of two types:

  • “live” costs to carry out the work or to pay fees, etc …
  • costs of our consultancy and our services. The latter are of two types:
    • a fixed part to be paid one time charge (with terms and timing to be agreed)
    • a variable part linked to the achievement of specific objectives (for example: percentage of sales, percentage of loans obtained, etc.)

This method allows us to fairly share the risk with the artist: the better the collaboration and the work, the better the results (and the profits!) for both parties.


Do you have any other doubts or questions? Contact us!